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Record simply. Hear it well.”

Sound Ridge Studio is a professional-grade recording studio, custom-designed for function, convenience and flexibility. It's made for artists, labels and producers.

SOUND - The SRS Live Room and Control Room feature floor-to-ceiling, built-in bass traps and wall+ceiling sound-control insulation. The Live Room Multi-Wall can be configured in many ways for reverb, diffusion and separation. Main monitors, sub-monitors and headphone monitors are set up to hear tracks clearly and reliably.

SPACE - SRS is efficiently designed with 1,000 sq. ft. and 8ft. ceilings. In addition to the Live Room and Control Room, the studio offers several out-room amp placements, and “The Garage” welcome room that opens to a beautiful, quiet greenspace. A stocked refreshment fridge and a clean restroom with a changing counter make SRS a comfortable place between takes.

LIGHT - SRS features super-adjustable led lighting. Overhead lights, theater floor lights and room-color ceiling strips can be configured in countless ways to provide whatever mood works best. They can also be used to create a bright workspace for efficient set-up.

CONNECTION -  SRS was designed to provide connection when it’s needed, where it’s needed. In-wall input and output connections are located throughout the SRS rooms. XLR inputs, quarter-inch inputs, and powered headphone jacks are conveniently located to provide maximum flexibility and convenience wherever they’re needed. HTML and USB inputs in the Control Room and Live Room allow for easy video streaming. 


STORAGE- SRS makes the most of space with many built-in places to stow gear. In-wall instrument hooks, cable hooks and headphone hooks are located all over the place. The Multi-Wall gear locker and Control Room bench can each hold several guitar cases. Adding coat hooks and a gear nook to the studio entry, SRS strives to minimize clutter in the workspace.

TECH- SRS has all the gear to clearly capture multi-track sound in our menu of rooms, either to USB or SD card. We can mix and master those tracks or pass them on for post-production. Outside producers can even bring their own mixing interfaces, while using our rooms and audio connections - SRS is a true plug-and-play studio.

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